BioSc 200 � Biology in the News - F10(1)

BioSc 200 � Biology in the News - F10(1) - BioSc 200...

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BioSc 200 – Biology in the News - 3(3,0) Fall 2010 – MW 2:30-3:45pm – 229 Long or MWF 4:40-5:55pm – 224 Long Instructor: V. Christine Minor 330C Long Hall 864-656-3837 or 864-650-1301 Office Hours: By appointment I am interested in your success. Please feel free to contact me. I do not bite and prefer for you to seek assistance early while we can fix the problem! Course Resources: All lecture materials and handouts may be found on Blackboard Course Text: There is no text for this course. You are expected to check Blackboard for readings and assignments. Course Description: For non-science majors, fulfills STS requirement for all students. Students examine current topics of biology appearing in newspapers and other current media. Uses a problem-based learning approach, with students working as teams and individually on areas of interest identified by the class. Preq: ENGL 103, General Education Natural Science Requirement. Course Objectives: BIOSC 200 will provide students with an opportunity to see the direct application of science to everyday life as reported in the popular press. We will focus our analysis on several major topics and case studies that are currently being covered in the media. Small groups of students will learn sufficient background information about a specific issue to make a knowledgeable presentation to the entire class for discussion. Those discussions will explore not only the underlying biology and technology associated with the topic, but will also consider the political, legal, economic, and social implications of the issue. In the process students will become more critical consumers of scientific information by learning to evaluate the potential for, and causes of, bias in press reports about biology. General: I ask that all cell phones, laptops, and other electronic devices be turned off unless I give you specific permission to use them in class. Cell phones, books, and all other materials must be left in a secure place during tests and not taken to your seats. You are now in a university. You are expected to behave like a scholar.
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Outline of Topics: This is our general outline of topics and dates of coverage. Due to the nature of the course, it is likely that we will diverge. Week Of
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BioSc 200 � Biology in the News - F10(1) - BioSc 200...

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