law enforcement agencies

law enforcement agencies - country against terrorism and...

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Running head: LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES 1 Law Enforcement Agencies Stephenie Hyatt CJS200 September 17, 2010 Monty Mathis
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LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES 2 Law Enforcement Agencies The U.S. Customs Service serves as the nations border control to a certain extent, not only do they protect us as our nation’s borders but they also control individuals leaving via airplane, ship, or other means of transportation. They have the authority to search all passengers coming in from other countries, or even those in our nation that are considered suspicious characters. The agents of the U.S. Customs Service search different types of transportation that comes off as suspicious, and are also there to confirm that taxes have been paid on all goods coming in to the United States. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was established in 1908. The FBI has jurisdiction over 200 federal crimes. The FBI not only serves in the United States but across the
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Unformatted text preview: country against terrorism and drug trafficking. The other main functions of the FBI are to investigate organized crime, white collar crime, federal drug offenses, and foreign intelligence operations in the United States. On November 25, 2002 a new branch of government was born this one was designed to protect our nation from undergoing terrorist acts against our nation; it is called The Department of Homeland Security. (DHS) It being a newer agency with several other departments working with it is the FBI and Border Patrol and many others to help the fight on terrorism. When it comes to our nation and the different departments within there have been vast improvements with fight against terrorism. There is room for improvement in all agencies not LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES 3 one is unflawed, but the fact is if they were not there to protect our nation, or the nation’s leaders there would be ciaos everywhere....
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law enforcement agencies - country against terrorism and...

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