Terrorism and cyber crime

Terrorism and cyber crime - victims of 9/11 attacks. Some...

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Running head: TERRORISM AND CYBER CRIME 1 Terrorism and cyber crime Stephenie Hyatt CJS/200 September 23, 2010 Monty Mathis
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TERRORISM AND CYBER CRIME 2 Terrorism and cyber crime When the fourth amendment was written, there were no cyber or terrorist attack as great as the September 11th back then, therefore it would have taken into consideration what kind of protection one shall have. No one can wait for a warrant to seize a laptop of a suspect while knowing the suspect might be linked to a terrorist organization and involved in cyber crimes such as; hacking, identity theft, and many others. The fourth amendment protects against arbitrary and oppressive interference with the privacy of individuals, but one must know that some things are justified even though, if there was no probable cause. One must act before the commission of the crime, and must understand that violating the fourth amendment is done for a strong reason, rather than dealing with thousands of innocent victims after math, such as the
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Unformatted text preview: victims of 9/11 attacks. Some have said rather cavalierly that in these difficult times we must accept some reduction in our civil liberties in order to be secure. (R. Fiengold, 2001) Fiengold said to the house if we lived in a police state then the patriot act would actually be no issue. There is no doubt that terrorists are more than likely going to be caught with the patriot act in place, but to what extent of our rights as Americans do we have to let go of. The thing is it is a catch twenty-two either rights are violated and more terrorists are caught, or we keep our rights and then take the chance of another attack. TERRORISM AND CYBER CRIME 3 Reference Feingold, R. (2001). Statement of U.S. Senator Russ Feingold on the anti-terrorism bill. Retrieved from http://feingold.senate.gov/speeches/01/10/102501at.html...
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Terrorism and cyber crime - victims of 9/11 attacks. Some...

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