Checkpoint - Vision 80 - Vision80Assignment Try to envision...

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Vision 80 Assignment Try to envision yourself being 80 years old. You probably have images of one or more people you know who are 80 in your head with some resemblance to your appearance, but it is not you. Now examine some of the following aspects of life and consider what you want and what you realistically expect you can achieve when you reach 80 years of age. Assignment - Answer the following questions: Part 1  (10 points) 1. Physical Health - include recreation activities, hobbies, possible employment or volunteer work, and of course, activities of daily living. Hobbies would still be baking for the community food bank example of this would be cakes, cookies and such. My activities would be a brisk walk in the morning and tai-cha in the afternoon this helps keep the body from getting to stiff. Then I would work in my flower garden weeding, and fertilizing. Cleaning the house and doing light house work such as vacuuming, dishes, and laundry.   I would be volunteering at the local thrift store helping behind the counter working at the register, and helping sort through the clothes and other items. 2. Mental Health - what kind of conversationalist do you want to be? Will you be able to talk to others and have them really listen to you? Will you be sharp and stay with current events? What will your attitude towards life be at this age?
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Checkpoint - Vision 80 - Vision80Assignment Try to envision...

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