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my eating plan comparison - My eating plan comparison 1...

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My eating plan comparison 1 Stephanie Hyatt My eating plan comparison University of Phoenix August 8, 2010
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My eating plan comparison 2 When I went to my pyramid the first time and put in what I had been eating for three days the thought that it would show me what was lacking with the nutrition would only be a few areas, and to my astonishment I was lacking nutrients from everywhere. My choice of fast food was that it was nutritious, because the charts show the healthier menus, and it clearly was not at all. There was no nutritional value at all in fast food. The intake evaluation said my caloric intake needs to be between 1800-2000 to maintain healthy weight loss and to bring up the physical activity a lot more then what I was doing. I was just walking to exercise and thought that was enough well what a shock to find out it was not even putting me on the chart. Since I first created my plan there has not been much improvement in the way I eat. I have been eating more vegetables and consume more milk, but still not enough. It is not easy to try and maintain healthy eating habits, especially since I need to add more nutritious food into my day, and at times I just do not have the food I need around me. Realizing I needed to watch what is being consumed into my body, and stay away from the fast food, even though they seem to be the easier choices when the day gets busy, and finding other places to eat out seem to help such as Subway their food has more nutrition and a person can receive some of the vegetable and grains needed for the day. It is much better than a greasy burger any day. Keeping track of what food is being eaten would allow me to keep track of the changes that
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my eating plan comparison - My eating plan comparison 1...

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