Reflections - learned my body was not being fueled with the...

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Reflection 1 Stephanie Hyatt Reflection University of Phoenix August 18, 2010
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Reflection 2 This course has taught me quite a bit about how my life style was not only reflecting myself, but my loved ones as well. I have always tried to make sure my children ate right and healthy and done very well at it thus far. The one person I was not focusing on was me, which has been an ongoing fight. In the first few weeks I learned about proteins and lipids and the fact I was heading for heart disease that is scary thought. Looking back over the weeks I found week 6 to be the kick in the pants I needed to wake up. Obesity causing cancer was something new to me not realizing how much the body has to work just to keep every organ going, and the food fueling the body, and I
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Unformatted text preview: learned my body was not being fueled with the right nutrition. It became then that I decided to challenge myself to lose weight. The challenge is nothing out of the realm of reality based, but simple the weight has to come off and I plan to aim for 10 pounds a month, and to start eating the foods that will give my body the right fuel, and vitamins, minerals…etc. Such food would be fruits, and vegetables to start. Looking into my eating habits is been an eye opener as well, and the my pyramid web site has been very handy keeping me on my toes, and guiding me to what areas I need to work on. I have enjoyed this course tremendously, and since week 6 I have lost 8 pounds I am on my way to healthier me, and a healthier family....
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Reflections - learned my body was not being fueled with the...

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