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ethnic 125 capstone wk 9 - 2050 Any cultural problems we...

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I have learned that at one point we are all from different cultures, and that some point in history someone from our ancestry migrated to America, except the Natives of our land. That at some point we have all struggled with language barriers and racism. I found that I am of many different cultures rolled into one, and I also learned that African Americans and the Chinese were not the only ethnic group to suffer at the hands of the white man. There are almost two thirds of a million immigrants entering the United States every year, and almost 300,000 illegal ones in the U.S., and according to the census bureau we will have 49.9% increase by
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Unformatted text preview: 2050. Any cultural problems we have now we should figure a way to decrease these issues, and come to terms with the fact that our nation has many diverse cultures, and that is what makes America so great. America will have to find different ways to deal with language barrier, and more working adults, and of course more children in the schools. This will bring children closer to differences in other cultures, and hopefully these children will bring on a better future for all of us....
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