checkpoint week 2 - go through the higher channels as...

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In the case of the 56 year old female patient and her mother keeping an ethical code of conduct would require a very patient staff. In this case the code of ethics was very successful in guiding the staff to the best result possible for the situation. The NASW code of ethics was used when the staff was putting their feelings aside, and trying to help the mother fully understand what they were doing, and what she needed to do on her part with the behavior contract, and when that meeting did not get the results needed, the staff went to a ethics consultation, which ended with the results needed to give the patient quality care, and keep the patient safe at the same time. (Jannetti, 2005) The code of ethics cannot tell a worker how to act in all situations, but does give a baseline to go by. ( Manning, 2003) Reporting this situation to the head of the nursing staff would be the first step, and then
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Unformatted text preview: go through the higher channels as needed until a result that satisfied everyone was acquired. Speaking with counselors about the mother and how she is acting, and receiving advice on how to speak with her so she may listen would be another solution. In the medical field staff have to consider the HIPPA which means the patients privacy and confidential records need to be considered there should be something in the code that if a family member is being disruptive, and unsafe for the patient releasing this information that it can be at a minimal amount of information released to said family member. Reference: A. J. Janetti (2005) copyright When families complicate patient care: A case study with guidelines for approaching ethical dilemmas. NASW code of ethics (appendix C) S. Manning (2003) P3,¶ 4...
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checkpoint week 2 - go through the higher channels as...

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