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Week 7 checkpoint - cutting corners then he is on the...

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Acre woods retirement community case study 1 Stephanie Hyatt Acre Woods Retirement Community Case Study Axia University of Phoenix December 10, 2009
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Acre woods retirement community case study 2 The legal and ethical issues in this case would be that one the director showed no concerns about the complaints made about the new pool. If someone was to get hurt badly enough from falling they could potentially sue. The director is not acting very ethically by not listening to Sarah’s concerns or even offers a solution. The director’s behavior is very unprofessional without regard to the safety of the patients in the facility. He also disregards any concerns Sarah has or complaints, because she seems to be the only one complaining. The few residents whom are complaining about fear of the pool issues are not being considered at all. The director is not an ethical role model whatsoever he seems more concerned with
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Unformatted text preview: cutting corners then he is on the safety of the patients and staff, and he does not show to be someone who listens to his staff, or help come up with solutions to problems or concerns brought up by the staff and patients. The director’s statement was not congruent with the mission statement set for the organization. The mission statement clarifies to improve the care physical, and emotional. The director showed none of this when he showed no concern about the corners the construction crew took to build the pool. The director’s actions increased stress on the patients that lived there, and used the pool. The only person who was trying to help them was moved to a different part of the organization away from the pool area. The director showed he was more concerned about the money, and not the safety of the patients....
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