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I See Why Others Choose to Die, Written by Jerry Fensterman, is an excellent illustration of the struggle of life, death, and the relief of pain. In his essay, Jerry took me on a ride from a good life with family, a good job, and plenty of activities to do. He enjoyed life to the fullest up until he was told that he had cancer. A lover of life, he did everything that could be done to extend the life that he so dearly clung to. Time goes by and things start getting harder to do. Cannot work, play with his son or do any of the many activities he once enjoyed. It was only a matter of time before he was no longer able to care for himself at all. Being unable to take care of himself, turned into a feeling of being a burden to his friends and family. Now the cancer is beginning to settle into the bones. The pain is here. In terrible pain, a burden to his family he now can completely understand, even though he is not going to, how someone would want to end their life early. After reading about Jerry’s inexorable slide towards the end of his life, made me think that if someone, me included, does not feel they are strong enough to travel the road he did they should have the option to terminate.
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I+See+Why+Others+Choose+to+Die[1] - I See Why Others Choose...

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