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Insulin test User - USER TEST Subject: User Test Report of...

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USER TEST Subject: User Test Report of the ‘How to administer an insulin injection’ instructions. Introduction: Patients suffering from Type I Diabetes are required to inject insulin into their bodies on regular bases. Learning how to administer an insulin injection independently is one of the most fundamental things for the aforementioned patients. This usually comes into play when the patients are independent and have no one to help them in the injection process. Therefore, the instructions were designed and tested for both novice and experienced patients. Objectives: The prime purpose of writing the instructions was to familiarize the patients with the necessary information, as well as the safety and health precautions that need to be considered. To serve this objective, the instructions were broken down into different sections with clear images and easy-to-read sentences. The User Test was carried out primarily for the effectiveness of the instructions. By observing the users, any necessary changes can be made to increase the authenticity of instructions. This test will be used to determine the effectiveness of images, writing, organization and break-down of sections. Methods: Since the instructions were specifically designed for patients suffering from Type I diabetes, an understandability test was conducted to test the effectiveness of the instructions. The reason for carrying out an understandability test was to check if the instructions are good enough for the target users. Three individuals volunteered to test the instructions. Tester X and Y were novice with engineering backgrounds. Tester Z was a nursing student and was the third volunteer for the test. Testers X and Y were handed out the instruction sheets and were asked to read and understand them. A specific stimulus was not required since the insulin injection procedure can be conducted anywhere. Tester Z was asked to use the prior knowledge to compare the written instructions with commonly used procedure at the hospital. There was no communication between the testers. A copy of questionnaire (Appendix I) was handed out to each user at the end of the test to test the credibility of the instructions. While the users were reading the instructions, they were asked to think aloud. Each user was individually observed while they read the instructed and notes were taken accordingly. Wherever the users were confused, notes were taken about that respective step or image. Testers were only assisted if they were unable to carry on and were blinded at a dead end. 1
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Testers X and Y were more effective testers to test for the effectiveness of the instructions compared to Tester Z who holds a prior knowledge about administering an insulin injection. A brief detail about each tester is given below. Tester X:
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Insulin test User - USER TEST Subject: User Test Report of...

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