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Study Guide Roman

Study Guide Roman - CC 302 Study Guide Exam 1 Important...

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CC 302 Study Guide: Exam 1 Important Names, Events, Terms to Review Etruria/Etruscans : modern Northern Italy, the people from Etruria Latium : the geographical area where Rome is located Campania : Bay of Naples Aeneas : A veteran of the Trojan War who sailed west with other exiles eventually to Laurentum. He encounters King Latinus and marries his daughter, Lavinia Dido : Founder of Carthage Ascanius : Founder of Alba Longa (12 miles SE of Rome). His mother is either Creusa, who is Aeneas’s Trojan Wife, or Lavinia. King Latinus : King of Laurentum, encounters Aeneas and makes an alliance with him. Lavinia : Wife of Aeneas and daughter of Laurentum Aemulius : Brother of Numitor and descendent of Ascanius; He exiled Numitor Numitor : Brother of Aemulius, reappointed King after Romulus murders Aemulius. Rhea Silvia : Daughter of Numitor, made a vestal virgin after Numitor’s exile. “raped” by mars and mother of Romulus and Remus. Patrician : Descendent of 100 Senators that Romulus appointed Plebeian : Anyone else Novus homo (“new man”) : First person in family to make it to the consulship Noble : A person who is the descendent of a former consul Interregnum : ( Between reigns) Usually describes time after Romulus’s death. 10 men rotated rule every five days Numa Pompilius : Citizens were irritated with the rotating rule, elected 2 nd King of Rome. He was of Sabine origins, but accepted by native Romans; very religious, enacted civil laws, and brought peace to Rome Tarquin the Proud : Last king of Rome, may have masterminded execution of previous king, Servius Tullius. Reign characterized by bloodshed and violence; persecution of Roman masses. Remembered as a tyrant. Sextus Tarquin : Son of Tarquin the Proud. He raped Lucretia while a guest at her house Brutus : Nephew of Tarquin the Proud. He sought revenge against Sextus and the rest of the Tarquins. He displayed Lucretia’s bloody corpse in forum and roused hostility toward the Tarquins. Tarquin the Proud and his sons were driven into exile in 509 B.C. Valerius : Husband of Lucretia, Vice-Consul with Brutus Lucretia : Raped by Sextus, then committed suicide because she was ashamed. She is an example of female virtue. Livius Andronicus : 1 st Known Roman dramatist Libertas (“liberty”) : The antidote to tyranny The Twelve Tables : the first written legal code in Rome established by a board of ten men (decemvirs) Religio : (bond, connection) strong civic associations Do ut des (“I give so that you give”) : Citizens prayed to get material things from divinities
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Lares : Guardians of the house, deities that protected individual families and, at times, communities. Placed on table during family meals. Cultivated by the male head of the house Penates : Household deities, could be moved from house to house. Associated with Vesta, goddess of hearth, kept in a shrin at the entrance to the house Vestal Virgins : 6 vestal virgins, 30-year term, appointed at age 6. Dedicated to goddess Vesta, supposed to keep Rome safe, protectedpalladium, penates,
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Study Guide Roman - CC 302 Study Guide Exam 1 Important...

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