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Work Cited Allen, Mike. “Experts Rate Oil Change as Top Priority Oil Web. 02 Nov 2009. IS Like Body’s Heart: Without Regular Checkups, It Can Kill Auto’s Engine” Popular Mechanics. Dec 2003. Vol. 180, Iss. 12; pg. 124, 3 Oct. 2006 <http://80- “How to Change Your Oil” Web. 02 Nov 2009. <”. 2000 Vincent
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Unformatted text preview: T. Ciulla All Rights Reserved "Motor Oil Myths and Facts." 17 005 2002. Web. 08 Nov 2009. <>. "Used Motor Oil Collection and Recycling." American Patroleum Institute . 2009. American Patroleum Institute, Web. 08 Nov 2009. <>. "Oil Change Tips." . 2009. Copy Scape, Web. 08 Nov 2009. <>....
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