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Myself Speech - IV A brother to my 8 siblings Hunting with...

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Matthew Cook Speech 111 Outline Due Wed Oct 7 3-5 Min Speech Intro: I. Introduce my self – (Name). Something interesting about me is my heritage. I’m half Canadian and half American. A. How my mom came to America. B. Born and raised in Hermiston Oregon. (desert) Body: II. The time I have spent as a son, a brother, and a student. II. A little about me as a son to my mom and dad. A. Get along best with Mom. Quiet relationship with my dad. But he took us boys hunting usually. Talk us life lessons.
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Unformatted text preview: IV A brother to my 8 siblings. Hunting with my older brother Brad. (Show Pic) Example to other siblings. V. My aspirations as a student of OSU. i. I am learning to be an electronic engineer. ii. It is difficult, but I know it will be worth it. iii. I have goals for future family. (provide a good home and create opportunity for my children). Conclusion: VI. I’m a son, a brother, and a student. All these things have been, and will continue to be influences in my life....
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