TheMainClass - public static void main(String args) {...

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/******************************************************************************* * Discription: A program that takes a deck of cards and deals them * to four players. Tis is done using a Linked List * and nodes. ******************************************************************************/ import java.util.Scanner; i public class TheMainClass { /************************************************************************** * main() - Driver method * Creates a game and loops till play = false * @param args **************************************************************************/
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Unformatted text preview: public static void main(String args) { boolean play; String playAgain; Scanner scan = new Scanner(; do { new Game(); // Create new Game() // Ask if you would like to play again. System.out.println("Would you like to play again? (y/n)"); // Gets response in lower case playAgain = scan.nextLine().toLowerCase(); playAgain.trim(); // Trim spaces if(playAgain.equals("yes") || playAgain.equals("y")){ play = true; } else { play = false; } } while(play == true); } }...
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