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Eat a variety of fruit Go easy on fruit juices Go low-fat or fat-free when you choose milk, yogurt, or cheese Choose low-fat or lean meats and poultry Vary your protein routine– choose more fish, beans, peas, nuts, and seeds 8 ounces 2 cups 3 cups 6 1/2 ounces 3 cups Make half your grains whole Vary your veggies Focus on fruits Get your calcium-rich foods Go lean with protein Aim for these amounts each week: Aim for at least 4 ounces of whole grains a day Dark green veggies = 3 cups Orange veggies = 2 cups = 3 cups Starchy veggies = 6 cups Other veggies = 7 cups Find your balance between food and physical activity
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Unformatted text preview: Be physically active for at least 30 minutes most days of the week. Know your limits on fats, sugars, and sodium Your allowance for oils is 7 teaspoons a day. Limit extras–solid fats and sugars–to 360 calories a day. Your results are based on a 2400 calorie pattern. Name: This calorie level is only an estimate of your needs. Monitor your body weight to see if you need to adjust your calorie intake. Based on the information you provided, this is your daily recommended amount from each food group. GRAINS VEGETABLES FRUITS MILK MEAT & BEANS...
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