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Matthew T. Cook Questions and Answers PHP Physical Analysis 1. After completing the 2 day activity assessment and fitness testing exercises, what are 2 things you learned about your physical activity levels? Two things that I learned about my physical activities over the two days recorded are: one, I do a lot of sitting. And two, about the only regular exercise I get is walking to and from class. 2. How are your physical activity score (from and your exercise ratings different/similar? Explain why. Some similarities of the physical activity scores are: the MET’s are exactly the same for both days, the min. I spend in the shower for both days, the calories I expended each day were similar, I spent the same amount of time eating each day, and the only activities I performed were either at home or school. Some differences were: one day I expended 171 calories while playing video games and the other I expended only 43, the time spent in class varied from day to day, and I scored a higher physical activity score on day one than day two. 3.
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PHP physical activity - M atthew T. Cook Questions and...

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