final project case study - FINAL PROJECT: CASE STUDY There...

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FINAL PROJECT: CASE STUDY There are several factors that are causing stress in Jennifer’s life. Jennifer commutes an hour each way to her office. Jennifer miscarried two months after pregnancy. Jennifer is feeling pressured by her husband Antonio’s parents who continually ask her if she is expecting again. Also, Jennifer lost her mother two ago. Her father’s health is deteriorating rapidly and she is being faced with the probability of placing her father in a skilled nurse care facility within the next few months, against her wishes. Jennifer is a perfectionist at work and takes pride in ensuring everything is done according to schedule which puts a lot of pressure on her. In the many areas of stress for Jennifer, it s beginning to effect her health that has resulted in her having numerous visits to her physicians office in the last six months. She has had complaints of headaches, backaches, and indigestion. Jennifer’s pains have seem to be increasing, yet her physician has failed to find a cause for her discomfort. Jennifer’s self concept and self esteem is being affected and she has began to question her effectiveness as an employee at the work place, with feelings of being tired, over whelmed, lack of fulfilling the role as a wife, daughter, or potential mother. Although Jennifer insists that she is happy and not feeling stressed at all, she continues to feel over whelmed and tired. Jennifer is putting undue stress on herself in the area of her work place. Even though she prides herself in running a tight ship and is a perfectionist who ensures everything is done according to schedule, she needs to learn to delegate some of her work responsibilities to others to relieve some of the work load stress from herself. Jennifer allows everyone to count on her and takes pride in not letting others down.
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final project case study - FINAL PROJECT: CASE STUDY There...

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