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Study Question Exam 3

Study Question Exam 3 - Biology 100 Exam 3 Study Questions...

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Biology 100 Exam 3 Study Questions 1-10 1. Promoter sequence contains -35 box and -10 box in bacteria. Promoter sequence found on the non-template strand, about 40 to 50 base pair long and has similar in certain sections. Also, similar DNA has bases common to TATAAT, also know as -10 box. -10 box is 10 bases from the point where RNA polymerase begins transcription. +1 site is where transcription begins. TTGACA happens to be in the same promoters which were about 35 bases upstream from the +1 site, also know as -35 box. Basically, transcription begins when sigma which was part of the holoenzyme complex binds -35 and -10 boxes. The role sigma factor appeared to be responsible for leading RNA polymerase to exact locations where transcription will begins. 2. During the elongation phase of transcription, RNA polymerase moves along the DNA template in 3’-----5’ direction of the template strand, synthesizing RNA in the 5’-----3’ directions. Transcription ends with a termination phase. Basically, transcription would stops when RNA polymerase gets to a point where a stretch of DNA sequence that works as a transcription signal. Transcription ends when termination signal at the end of the gene guide to the arrangement of a hairpin in the mRNA and interrupting the transcription complex. 3. In eukaryotes, there are three distinct types of RNA polymerase which are, RNA POL I, POL II, POLIII. RNA POL I makes large RNA molecules that are found in ribosome. RNA POL II transcribes the gene that code for proteins which produces mRNA. RNA POLIII produce one of the small RNAs that found in ribosome and transfer RNAs that are necessary for translation in eukaryotes and bacteria, the exchange of information in DNA sequences inside genes and mix together the separated coding sections into whole.
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