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Study Guide for Test 3 - S tudy Guide for Test 3 Module 41...

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Study Guide for Test 3 Module 41 o Define stress What type of psychology contributes to behavior medicine? What do health psychologists study? o What was Walter Cannon’s contribution to the study of stress o Describe all 3 stages of Hans Selye’s general adaptation syndrome (GAS) o What are the two personality types that differentially predict how we respond to stress? o Describe or give an example of someone who represents each of the personality types. o How does stress affect our health: Heart functioning Vulnerability to illness/disease Immune system functioning (know what types of cells are affected) Progression of HIV to AIDS Cancer o What stress hormones play a role in suppressing the immune system? Module 44 o Define personality – is it considered to be relatively stable? o Describe in detail the 3 main components of Freud’s psychoanalytic theory o What methods did Freud use to explore the unconscious? o Describe Freud’s personality structures: the id, ego, and superego How might the foals of each cause conflict within a person o What is the purpose of defense mechanisms? Freud based a great deal of his psychoanalytic theory on which mechanisms? In what way to contemporary psychologists oppose this mechanism and therefore his psychoanalytic theory? Module 45 o In what ways do psychoanalytic and humanistic theory differ?
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What is the focus of humanistic theory? o Explain the level of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs What stipulation goes along with this hierarchy? According to Maslow, what is the ultimate psychological need? o What did Carl Rogers believe about people and their tendencies? What is unconditional positive regard?
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Study Guide for Test 3 - S tudy Guide for Test 3 Module 41...

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