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GEOG 1001 notes[1]

GEOG 1001 notes[1] - 4 main traditions1 natural as well as...

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4 main traditions- 1. natural as well as the human world 2. complicated relationship between human societies and natural environments 3. try to understand foreign cultures and distant regions 4. location tradition Pro-globalization 1. logical expression of modern international capitalism . -those who are for it Capitalism-economic system wealth and means of producing wealth are privately owned and controlled rather than public and state controlled. 2. new wealth with trickle down from rich to poor (countries and individuals) 3. will spread benefits of new ideas and technologies 4. countries can produce goods best suited- ex. Caribbean will produce sugar 5. need to attract capital from abroad will force countries to adopt sound economic policies- spend appropriately , make better choices in terms of economy 6. worlds poor countries will catch up to rich ones- *they argue that sweat shops should be applauded , even those these factories pay workers low wages, they argue that that country can move on to new industries *they also argue that multi national firms are better working conditions than local firms do opponents of globalization : 1. Not “natural” , it is a economic policy that is promoted by core countries (Europe, us, Canada) results in inequalities between “haves” and “have notes” 2. Promotes free –market, export-oriented economies at expense of localized, sustainable economies. 3. “free market” economic model promoted for developing countries is not the one that western industrial countries used for their own development 4. encourages “bubble” economies – where we have the value of a product and what it is actually going for , what it should be worth and what it is selling for , in early 2000’s many .com’s are selling for millions and they are not worth that much , same as homes selling for too much critics of globalization- countries are going to be better off, that in the last 30 years social conditions are worse than they were before A middle ground?
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1. economic globalization is probably unavoidable 2. even anti-globalization movement is aided by the internet 3. “make globalization work” by investing in education and maintaining social cohesion 4. can be managed- national and international levels there are examples ) french gov. trying to protect their language and trying to hold off on global influences of their languages , like making laws mdonalds- hybridization- melding of popular and local culture where we’ll all be the same… but large corporations like mcdonalds that is found all over the world- ex of hybridization rate of natural increase (RNI)- world average is 1.2 percent/yr-annual growth rate for a country or region, expressed as a percentage increase or decrease, equals the number of birthday minus the number of deaths, excluding migration Crude birth rate (CBR)- the gross number of births divided by the total pop. Giving a figure per 1000 of the pop.
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GEOG 1001 notes[1] - 4 main traditions1 natural as well as...

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