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e1d2 - Piersol 1 Kelsey Piersol Amber Shaw ENGL 1102 20...

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Piersol 1 Kelsey Piersol Amber Shaw ENGL 1102 20 September 2010 Experience vs. Knowledge Society puts stress on knowing as much as possible. A person's success is highly weighted by where he or she went to school, for how long, and the grades that were made. There is an overwhelming amount of pressure to get the best education a person can and for a person to have an impossible amount of knowledge. This knowledge, however, would be useless without social experience and motivation. If one lacks the desire to explore his or her surroundings on a social level, their desire to succeed may also be depleted. Flannery O'Connor demonstrates this idea that experience is more valuable than knowledge in her short story, “Good Country People”, by showing the contrast between two extremely opposite characters, Hulga and Manley Pointer, and by using irony to further highlight the importance of being worldly. Throughout “Good Country People”, Hulga's knowledge and education are emphasized as being two of her only favorable characteristics. Hulga still resides at home with her mother at the age of thirty-two as a result of being physically disabled. Despite having a Ph.D in philosophy, Hulga's motivation to branch out from her home life is surprisingly low. “[Hulga] had made it plain that if it had not been for this condition...she would be in a university lecturing to people who knew what she was talking about.” (O'Connor 250). This statement makes it seem as though Hulga is using her disability as an excuse to not make an effort to fulfill her dreams of lecturing. Instead of trying to break through and overcome her disability, she uses it as an excuse for her not wanting to get away from home. This lack of motivation could actually be a result of lack of social experience. Hulga is immature in many ways, demonstrating that socially she is still a child. She would purposely walk so
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e1d2 - Piersol 1 Kelsey Piersol Amber Shaw ENGL 1102 20...

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