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StyleGuideRevised2008-4 - Last update fall 2008 Style and...

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Last update fall 2008 Style and Reference Guide for Undergraduate Essays Department of Sociology Queen's University The following style and reference guide is based on the A merican Sociological Association Style Guide (2nd Edition) (a copy of the ASA Style Guide is available on reserve in the Stauffer Library). While this style and reference guide follows the ASA Style Guide on most points there are some minor, but important, differences we have introduced for the purposes of undergraduate essays in the Queen's Department of Sociology. You should read through this guide before you begin to write your essay and refer to it when referencing ideas, paraphrasing, or making direct quotations. Queen's offers you the opportunity to access a web-based bibliographic management tool (often called a "citation manager") called "RefWorks" ( http://library.queensu.ca/libguides/refworks.htm ) through the Queen's Library. If you use this system, or any other bibliographic management tool, you must ensure that it will create an ASA style list of references at the end of your essay. Basic Layout: Type your essay in 12 - point Times New Roman or Geneva font Double space the text and use left-justified style Type only one space after punctuation and do not use periods in acronyms like NAFTA not N.A.F.T.A. Italics should be used for book titles in the text and in the list of references and for obscure foreign language words Pages should be numbered consecutively (not including the title page) and placed in the top right hand corner of each page as a number only (not as “page one” for example). One-inch margins top, bottom, and sides, write to the page limit specified in the assignment. Student papers do not need spaces between each paragraph and paragraphs should be indented Cover Pages: Essays are to be stapled in the left hand corner, NO COVERS plastic or paper! Title (titles must be real titles not things such as “Essay # one”) In the bottom right hand corner should be: Your student number (You are not required to place your name on assignments, but it helps) Make sure your student number is correct! The Professor’s name and TA name The course (tutorial day and time if applicable) The date Do not repeat any of this information in the body of the essay. There is no need to repeat the title on the first page of your essay even though the formal ASA publication guide says you should. Written and compiled by Christina Salavantis Queen’s University 1
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Last update fall 2008 In Text References Essays must reference all quoted and paraphrased material within the text as it appears and have a list of references at the end or they will not be marked. The author date system (ASA style ) is used for in-text references.
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StyleGuideRevised2008-4 - Last update fall 2008 Style and...

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