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COMM 376 South Korea North Korea is bigger than South Korea (55% and 45%) Three kingdoms in control: Koguryo (north), Paekche (southwest), Silla (southeast) Silla conquered then Koryo then Mongols then Choson Dynesty Later, Japanese invaded Korea but then were driven off by both Korean and Chinese forces Korea maintained relations with China and Japan but continued to be isolated from rest of the world (even longer than Japan) and had a nickname of “the Hermit Kingdom” Later, it finally opened up to trade with Western world but continued the “us versus them” mentality Japanese and Korean wanted control so Koreans turned to Russians which backfired since Russian wanted control as well so Koreans launched campaign to achieve independence from all foreign powers
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Unformatted text preview: • Korean citizens staged protests while their government requested Chinese assistance which triggered Japanese involvement and caused Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1985 • Japan won the war and abolished Korean monarchy taking control of the country and ruled ruthlessly • Korea was exploited of its natural resources and turned into a base for Japanese military • Japan and China went to war a second time • Newly created United Nations tried to unite North and South but failed and North Korea ended up being a communist society • North Korea invaded South Korea starting the Korean War • United Nations’ army composed of mostly US troops went to aid South Korea which was successful at pushing the war into North Korea. At that point, China came to aid of North Korea •...
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