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EXAM TWO STUDY GUIDE FALL 2010 Class Material What is a moral panic? - intensity of feeling expressed in a population about an issue that appears to threaten the social order . Know the assumptions of panic discourse and epidemic discourse. - Be able to identify either of these discourses when it is being used. - What are the six components of the Moral Contagion Model? - What is meant by “moral contagion”? - What is the real threat based on Epstein (the author) and class discussion for society according to the model? - ~How does the Moral Contagion Model resemble a Panic Discourse? - ~What is Scripting Theory (know the levels and their influence)? - Roles have behaviors attached to them that influence/ determine how we interact - Male/female, rich/poor, teacher/student. We are all actors - Levels: Cultural scenarios- largest and most stable, what does society allow? Much harder to change than the others Interpersonal scripts: how we interact and what it means- more fluid in the way we experience them, these influence cultural scenarios Intrapsychic Scripts: what’s going on in our heads, what we want. Don’t act out but its how we think. Personal thoughts. How does Scripting Theory relate to Berger’s techniques of social control? - What are the components of hegemonic masculine and feminine sexual scripts? - Hegemonic masculine script: men should not have certain feelings, performance is the thing that counts-erection, man initiates, leads and is in charge, a man always wants and is ready for sex, all physical contact leads to sex- no physical pleasure except sexual pleasure- influences way men act with eachother, sex= intercourse & leads to orgasm, mens sexual experiences should be “ecstatic explosiveness”, sexual prowess is never permanently earned, each time it must be reproven - Hegemonic feminine script: sex is good in relationships and bad casually, don’t touch me down there-no self exploration-uncomfortable with smell, taste, and appearance of genitals, sex is something women do for men, men should know what women want without being told, women shouldn’t talk about sex, women should look like playmates, women are nurturers- partners needs come first, there is only one right way to have an orgasm- during PVI What is implied about race and class in the U.S. by using the term hegemonic? - What sociological themes emerged from your “Dirty Words Day” discussion regarding the feminization and masculinization of genitals, the functions and effects of using certain words, and how is the use of these words related to privilege, oppression, gendered sexual scripts, and sexual stratification? -
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SexualityStudyGuide2 - EXAM TWO STUDY GUIDE FALL 2010 Class...

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