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SonyandPaperAssignment - Stephanie Schaeberle Introduction...

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Stephanie Schaeberle Introduction to Marketing Tuesday September 28 th , 2010 Sony and Paper Assignment PART 1 - One of the hottest items in consumer electronics is high definition television with plasma flat-screens to replace the old tube televisions. Sony is a company that attempts to expand the consumers’ expectations for each of their products and develop loyal and long-term relationships with their consumers. As a marketer employed by Sony Inc, it is imperative to understand each step of the consumer purchase process. The process consists of five simplified steps: Problem Recognition, Information Search, Evaluation of Alternatives, Purchase, and Post-Purchase Evaluation. The first step of the consumer purchase process is problem recognition. With a luxury product such as televisions, I need to make the customer aware of the lack of this product in their lives. I need to convince them that a customer’s life is not complete or ideal without a Sony television in their living room. Whether it is introducing a new product or convincing the consumer that they need a brand new 64-inch TV in their living rooms, my job is to establish and create awareness of this lack. The second step in the process is Information Search. The process of information seeking begins with a personal aspect. The consumer may or may not be buying a TV for the first time. If they are replacing a TV it is important to look at what upgrades and new features the consumer will be looking for. The basic features to focus on are inputs, screen finish, ease of use, remote control, support, and energy efficiency. After all of these factors are considered, the extras that make the TV as “high-tech” as the consumer desires come into the mix. Next, the consumer may do a more public search for
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information that typically will include Internet research, company’s information about their products, and reviews. When looking for televisions, the goal is for the consumer to get the impression that Sony products are the best of the best. This is done by articles about the company and products, as well as reviews from our loyal customers. After this step, I must communicate the image the company desires for the televisions directly to the consumer. Sony for example, stresses the importance of quality, which tends to be the highest consideration in consumer electronics. Finally, consumers should be able to
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