IFSM 410 (Essay 2)

IFSM 410 (Essay 2) - Operation Education Renewal in the...

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Operation Education Renewal in the Congo According to the Central Intelligence Agency’s World Fact Book, the Republic of the Congo in Central Africa is listed as one of the most depressed economies in the world. The republic’s economy has been devastated by years of war and civil unrest. As with many poor countries throughout the world, the literacy rate of the average Republic of Congo citizen is significantly below standards compared to the literacy rate of more educated nations. One question comes to mind, what can be done to help these people? A contribution which could have generational importance would be to donate end-of-life cycle personal computers from the leading industrialized nations and distribute them throughout the Republic of the Congo. To organize a project of such immense proportions, an organization could use relational database technology to ensure a smooth implementation plan. Topics I intend to cover include reasons why this campaign will work. Lastly, the benefits and reasons to fund a relational database to support future generations within the Congo will be discussed. One of the primary reasons this concept will work is because of the short lifespan of current computer systems. The industrialized nations of the world dispose of end-of-life cycle personal computer rather hastily. Generally, corporations exchange their older
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IFSM 410 (Essay 2) - Operation Education Renewal in the...

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