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Feb 14 2008 - Vulnerable Goddesses Vulnerable goddesses...

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Vulnerable Goddesses Vulnerable goddesses – Hera(Juno), Demeter, Persephone Vulnerable goddesses were victimized by abuse(rape), suffered, relational(identity is formed through relation), diffuse awareness(having awareness of some things, but not paying close attention) , happy fulfilled phase Hera(marriage, commitment, coupling, vindictive, jealously, quarrelsome), energy that allow us to be coupled in committed relationships, to be loyal, married to Zeus(Jupiter), in a patriarchical context, she was betrayed, associated with a man of power who is not loyal to her, spurned woman, directs rage outwards… archetype of loyalty, true friendship Demeter(goddess of rain…grain, mother) – rage, grief, nurturing(knows what we need, watches us, cares for us, pays close attention, generous, persistent mother, food provider), maternal archetype, represents maternal instinct(so connected to her children that she knows how they feel), grieving mother, suffers lost, destructive mother, when she’s grieving, she
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