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Test2_Pg2 - Facts(15 points total 3.ace the compounds in...

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Unformatted text preview: ; Facts: (15 points total) 3.ace the compounds in increasing order of)» max (wavelength) for the :nr to n* transition observed in re UV spectrum. (shortest wavelength = 1, longest wavelength: 3) (3 pts.) ( W / / \ cl Cl C] (3. Place the compounds in order of increasing reaction rate with bromine in an electrphilic aromatic ubstitution reaction. (1 = slowest rate, 3 = fastest rate) (3 pts.) 0 o H ‘ , . ll QC— NHCH3 QMCHQCHQQ Q—NH-C-CH3 3. Place the compounds in order of increasing reactivity in a nucleophilic addition reaction. (1 = least reactive, 3 = most reactive) (3 pts.) / O O 0 ll _ ll ll l x F W l—W 5.....— J\ aabei the compounds as aromatic (AR), antiaromatic (AA); or nonaromatic (NA). (You may assume al, are planar.) (6 pts.) ...
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