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Review for Exam 2 Wednesday 11/04/09 Please get out your calculators and clickers. You can also use your own formula sheet here (but not tonight). Exam 2: Chapters 7-13, 9:4-6 Tonight, 8-10 p.m.
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Consider the following forces: A. Gravitational force B. Kinetic friction force C. Hooke’s law spring force Which of these 3 forces are conservative forces? 1. A and B only 2. A and C only 3. B and C only 4. A, B and C Question: Ch. 7 Solution ± Criteria for a conservative force: 1. The indefinite integral ± F ± d ± r ² can be computed and does not depend on the path the particle takes. 2. The work done by the force only depends on the initial and final positions of the particle and not on the path taken by the particle between the initial and final positions. 3. The net work done on a particle going around a closed path is zero. Forces A and C satisfy these criteria but force B does not.
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