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Unformatted text preview: Weaving the Vision Paper ideas: Analysis of the different goddesses, gender in different cultural groups Exam format: multiple choice, fill in with word bank, matching, short answers (list/brief statements/phrases), maybe extra credit. STUDY goddesses, Paleolithic society, weaving the vision • Multicultural (different spiritual groups) • Divided into parts – power, naming the sacred, self in relation • Method of recovery – summitry, written history, oral history, personal memory • Summitry – evidence that we find around the world • Oral history through the mythology that has been told • Personal memory- people attempt to recall rituals, stories from early times in their own experience and their elders’ experience (new age… imagination, speculation, interpretation)… past life regression, reincarnation(belief that our soul travels from one body to another) • Story telling • Weaving the vision starts with “our heritage is our power” as a result of women’s movement...
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