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Chem 165 Class 27 Chapter 19: Electrochemistry Caption : The reaction of Zn(s) in hydrochloric acid. This is a redox reaction, in which zinc atoms (initially in the form of solid Zn, added in the left panel) give up electrons to the protons (H + ) in acidic solution (that is, Zn is oxidized ). The H + ions are therefore reduced (they accept electrons) in forming H 2 gas, which appears as bubbles in the right panel. In this example of a redox reaction, the transferal of electrons occurs directly in solution, so no electrical current is generated. Electrochemistry involves harnessing or controlling the flow of electrons in redox reactions. Objective today: 1. Review oxidation states and their relevance in chemical reactions (Sec. 4.4). 2. Define terminology involved in galvanic ( i.e. , electrochemical) cells (Sec. 19.2). 3. Determine methods to quantify ox./red. properties of half reactions (Sec. 19.3) Text: Chapter 19: Section 1 – 3; Next class: Chapter 19: Section 3 – 4 Exam 4: Wednesday (4/22); 6:30 – 7:30 pm; same seat/room assignments Covers Lectures 21 – 26 ARIS: Chapter 19-A: assignment due Monday (4/27) at 6:00 pm CDT ARIS: Chapter 19-B: assignment due Friday (5/1) at 6:00 pm CDT Upcoming (final) ARIS assignments for the course: Suggested Problems (Classes 27 & 28): 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 18, 22, 23, 24, 30, 34
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Chem 165 Class 27 A. Oxidation States and Redox Reactions Electrochemistry: - study of chemical reactions accompanied by a
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#27 - Chem 165 Chapter 19: Electrochemistry Class 27 Exam...

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