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Final Exam Study Guide Chem 165 Page 1 of 3 The Final Exam for this course is comprehensive and will therefore cover all of the material that was covered on Hour Exams 1 – 4 as well as the material covered in the course since Exam 4 ( i.e. , the material discussed in Classes 27 – 30, which covered Sections 19.2 – 19.5 and 19.8 from Chapter 19). The format of the Final Exam will be entirely multiple choice questions (50 questions), and answers will need to be filled out on bubble sheets, so bring several pencils for this purpose. Some of the questions will emphasize concepts over finding numerical solutions to problems, although you will also be required to solve quantitative based problems, so bring a non- programmable calculator to the exam. Use the old mid-term exams posted on the Chem 165 web site to review for the final exam, focusing particularly on the multiple choice questions on these prior exams. An equation/constants sheet will be provided for you on the exam, along with a second reference page that includes a periodic table and a table of standard reduction potentials. These are reproduced for you on the final 2 pages of this study guide, although we reserve the right to modify these as necessary so you will have the equations you need for the final exam. To prepare for material from Chapters 9, 10, 24, 25, 11, 13, 23, 14, 15, and 18, see Study Guides for Hour Exams 1 – 4 posted on the course website. In addition to the material covered in ARIS (Assignments 19-A and 19-B) and on Quiz 11, the following suggested
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Final Exam Review - Final Exam Study Guide Chem 165 Page 1...

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