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Motivation Theories Christina Cheshire
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PSY/ 230 Motivation Theories All of three the motivations ( the Psychoanalytic, the Humanistic and Diversity view ) make a lot of sense in explaining human behavior and what makes humans actually tick. However, the motivation theory that I agree the most is the Humanistic view. Humanistic view is a theory that supports the belief that we naturally strive to grow and develop and that each individual wants to be in control of his or her own behavior and life. Therefore, given the opportunity, we will do our best and make an effort to fulfill our potential. I completely agree with Carl Roger’s theory of actualizing our self and I am a big supporter of Abraham Maslow’s need hierarchy. It is very sensible to me that our need for self-actualization is connected with our personal needs such as physiological (hunger or thirst) or safety (security or avoidance of pain) and that certain needs require being addressed before others. The theory that I agree with the least is the
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Motivation Theories - Motivation Theories Christina...

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