HW1-Solution - CS 392/6813 Computer Security Fall 2010...

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CS 392/6813: Computer Security Fall 2010 Solutions to HW #1: Warm up! Problem 1 Questions: 1) [10pts] List and explain in detail two problems related to computer security that you are aware of. Illustrate the problems with examples you have recently heard on the news or that you have encountered in your day-to-day life 2) [10pts] Do you know of any solutions that have been adopted to tackle these problems? If so, explain these solutions in detail. 3) [5pts] Are these solutions satisfactory? Explain why or why not. 4) [5pts] If the solutions are not satisfactory, do you think they can be improved? If so, explain how. Answers: This is an open ended question with no single right or wrong answer. Problem 2 Questions: 1) [10pts] While logging yourself in using a pair of username and password, say, at a web mailing service, you might have noticed that you are often timed-out after 3 failed attempts. What do you think this might protect against? 2) [5 pts] What is a CAPTCHA? What is it used for? 3) [5pts] What happens if you forget the password for your favorite web-site? Is it is possible to recover your forgotten password? If so, how? Do you think the mechanism to recover the password is secure? In other words, can another person (perhaps a friend who knows you well) possibly retrieve your password? Explain your answer. Answers:
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HW1-Solution - CS 392/6813 Computer Security Fall 2010...

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