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Technology has played a very key role in the lives of the American youth for the last thirty years. Children have grown up and learned to adjust to the incredible rise in technology, but that does not necessarily mean that everyone has that ability. New technologies may be a blessing to those who know how to use them, but to those that do not, the new technology can be very difficult to manage. As I continue on to a higher level of education, I realize that one of the most difficult situations that I will encounter is that not everyone will have the ability to use the same technology that I use. There will be foreign governments, economies, and societies that do not have the same tools or knowledge to use the same technology that we, as Americans, take for granted.
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Unformatted text preview: Taking this into account, I therefore also realize that it will become my duty to grant the entire world the ability to use the new technology that comes about. Whether this new technology becomes usable by simply teaching it or manipulating it to a more simple form, I would strive to make the technology usable by everyone. The rise of technology is something that will not go away; new technology will continue to change the ways of the world. In order to keep this new technology usable by everyone, however, those that have the ability to use it need to work together to spread the knowledge and the tools so that the entire world may benefit. I will make it my personal obligation to aid in the spreading of this advice....
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