Undergraduate Merit Scholarship Feb. 2010

Undergraduate Merit Scholarship Feb. 2010 - education....

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I’ve put much thought into what my plans are after graduation, but it still has not made my decision clear. One thing is certain: I want to continue expanding my knowledge; my education will not end after I finish school. The most likely choice for after graduation is continuing on to graduate school. After that, I would continue performing research and discovering new ideas while working at a University. I have also thought much about simply entering the work force. I so much enjoy chemistry and engineering that I would love to begin working in the field as soon as possible. With either of these options, I am certain that I will have a fulfilling job and work with peers and colleagues that share the same goal of personal growth and continuing
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Unformatted text preview: education. Being in the IT at the University of Minnesota has truly been an enlightening experience for me. My most exciting experience was easily my admittance into the Honors Program. I worked exceedingly hard my first semester, obtained a 4.0, and made close bonds with my professors. They were able to aid in my admittance, and I am now not only more challenged, but enjoy even more the students and professors with whom I work. Financial aid is somewhat a concern to me. While my parents were able to support me this year, their contribution has run out. For the remainder of my collegiate career I will be funding my own education through loans, work, and financial aid....
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