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Claire Sauer 220 Delaware Street SE Yudof Hall 178 Minneapolis, MN 55455 October 10, 2010 Dr. Charles Abbas 1001 N. Brush College Road Decatur, IL 62526 Dear Dr. Abbas: When the head of the department I am enrolled in, the Bioproducts Engineering department at the University of Minnesota, sent out an email stating that ADM was looking for co-ops or interns, I was very interested. One of my career goals is to find other, more renewable, environmentally friendly, materials for fuels and other products. I have always been fascinated by the fact that our homes or cars could be run from something such as corn! As a junior in the Bioproducts Engineering department, I have taken all of my general, core classes, with all the required labs. I have also gone through more advanced classes such as Thermodynamics and Material & Energy Balance. I am in the process of completing Chemistry of Plant Materials and Engineering Principles of Cellular Processes. One of the necessities to work on any project is an intense interest in what is being studied or worked on.
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