silencepaper - 1 Only You Can Silence Yourself Upon first...

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Only You Can Silence Yourself Upon first glance of this advertisement for the observer could feel an array of emotions, from scared to disgust. The obvious first thing the audience notices is the picture, an African-American woman with a metal rod through her lips, with tears rolling down her cheeks. Lachapelle uses a mixture of contrast, color, arrangement, emotion, pity and text to persuade the audience to take action by visiting and voting in the upcoming election. This advertisement was published in Seventeen Magazine, a magazine known to persuade teenage girls to better themselves while getting the most out of their teenage years. This particular magazine where this ad was published hit the shelves in October of 2008, a month before what some people say was the biggest election in the United States history. On November fourth of 2008 more people showed up to the polls than ever before and it is ads like this that helped make that possible. Lachapelle very cleverly uses color contrast in this ad, despite its dark appearance. By giving the background a greenish tone while making the 1
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subject of the photograph have a dark orange tone the creator plays off of complementary color contrast to make the subject stand out more. Had he chosen a Caucasian subject for this photograph there would not have been as large of a color difference thus making the photograph less powerful and emotional. The blue and red text located in the upper right hand corner also provide a large color contrast to the subjects almost black hair that it is placed over. This text is the only blue and red text on the page, which therefore draws the eye. The symbolic use of red makes the word appear in the corner of your eye regardless of where the audience is looking on the page. The white text at the top of the page with the light green background doesn’t make a large color contrast at all however it brings the eye closes to read the text making it more a more symbolic text. There is also some contract playing into this advertisement besides color. The
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silencepaper - 1 Only You Can Silence Yourself Upon first...

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