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Running head: INTRODUCTION TO STATISTICS PAPER 1 Introduction to Statistics Paper Glenda Linton QNT 273 September 27, 2010 Terry Dunning
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INTRODUCTION TO STATISTICS PAPER 2 Introduction to Statistics Paper The way that I use statistics in my everyday life would be when going to the grocery store or just shopping and be able to decide which product is the best for my money. An example would be Wal-Mart’s. Wal-Mart’s has their brand of products and they also have the name brand of products. When comparing say a bottle of Advil, I would look at the name brand and the generic brand to see which one is the best to buy. Some of the Wal-Mart brands are compared to other name brand products, but the question is do they provide the same thing as the name brand (Mann, 2010) . Statistics can have two meanings. The first meaning refers to numerical facts. This can be numbers that relate to income, age and comparing products. The second meaning is that a group of methods are used to collect, analyze, present and interpret data and to make decisions. Statistics are relative in my life by helping to compare products to determine which is the best
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Introduction to Statistics Paper - Running head:...

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