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Unformatted text preview: Operating Segment Client Products Competition Revenue in 2009 Client revenue decreased in 2009 primarily as a result of PC market weakness, especially PCs sold to businesses. Trends this year Products like Windows Vista, Linux is its major competition Windows XP and other and now, Google has got into standard Windows operating its bandwagon by releasing systems Chrome and Android. Server and Tools Windows Server SQL server, Visual Studio; Silverlight System Center products Forefront security products Biz Talk Server; Microsoft Consulting Services With the recent release of Windows 7, Microsoft is trying to restore its face (that it lost during Vista times). Its early sales are better than those of XP and Vista in a comparable time frame. Linux (RedHat and Novell) Revenue in 2009 increased Linux is still trying hard to reflecting growth in both penetrate into the server sales product and services revenue. for enterprises but the sales figures are increasing. IBM, Oracle (and Sun), Adobe Silverlight is seen as a ‘good’ competitor to Adobe Flash BMC, CA, Inc., HewlettMicrosoft signed a 3-year deal Packard, IBM, and VMWare with NetApp recently to focus on cloud management McAfee, Symantec, and Trend Microsoft released two more Micro pieces of its Forefront suite as part of its strategy to merge security and identity technology. Adobe, Borland, IBM, Oracle The development and and open-source projects. middleware areas will continue to do well as long as the Windows (and .NET framework) is sought by the enterprises. Online Services Business Bing is now rolled into Yahoo as part of the search deal between Microsoft and Yahoo Microsoft Microsoft Office system and Adobe, Apple, Corel, Google, The revenue was flat reflecting It is widely believed that Business Microsoft Dynamics business IBM, Novell, Oracle, Red Hat, decreased consumer revenue enterprises still largely prefer Division solutions. Zoho, Salesforce offset by increased business Microsoft Office desktop revenue tools. But, Google is not going to lie down and take it easy – they are aggressively going after enterprise business and cloud computing is becoming more prevalent. Entertainment Xbox, Zune, Mobile/ SONY, Nintendo are the This revenue decreased across Xbox continues to do well and Devices embedded software competitors to Xbox. most lines of business against their competition. Division Apple, Google Android, Nokia It is known that Apple and reign supreme in the mobile Android make the majority of space the Smartphone market. Online advertising platform Google, AOL, and Yahoo. – offerings such as Bing, MSN Portals and channels. Personal communications services such as email and instant messaging The revenue decreased primarily as a result of decreased online advertising and access revenue. Microsoft is in talks with News Corp to block content from Google. ...
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