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EE4414 Multimedia Communication Systems II Experiment One Color TV Transmission: Multiplexing/Demultiplexing of YIQ Using Matlab Simulation Yao Wang and Xiaofeng Xu 1. Introduction The purpose of this lab is for you to understand the principles of Color TV signal transmission. In this experiment you will have the opportunity to play with real video signals, perceive video frames at transmitter and receiver, observe waveforms and spectrums in all stages of Color TV transmission. Although actual color TV transmission is done in analog waveforms, we simulate these operations digitally using Matlab. 2. Experiment 1) You will see several Matlab scripts on your local disk (Z:) after you log in a computer. The main program, “YIQ_QAM.m” (which calls several functions) performs multiplexing and demultiplexing on a video signal. Read through the given program and functions to understand how it works. The program requires the following three input parameters by user: f c , the color sub-carrier frequency, where the chrominance components are modulated; f_LPF1, the cut-off frequency of the low pass filter used to separate the luminance and chrominance; f_LPF2, the cut-off frequency of the low pass filter used to extract chrominance. Explain how you should choose the values of the above parameters? 2)
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exp1_colorTVtransmission - EE4414 Multimedia Communication...

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