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Exam 1 Study Guide: INDV 101 QUESTIONS FROM THE SYLLABUS: What is your instructor’s name? Dr. Delaney If you had a question about the grade you got on an exam or assignment- which TA would you ask? Megan Robbins How many research participation credits are required? 10 credits What happens if you don’t complete them all by the end of the term? You will receive an Incomplete until they are finished and if they are not finished within a year then you receive an E. For the Experimental Participation Report-Term Paper- how many reports are required? Just 1-the Report is worth 30pts. How many “Worksheets for gathering information” are you required to complete? Just 1-The Interview worksheet is worth 10pts Are make-up exams given?- if so, when? Only in cases of emergency, or you if you know you will be missing an exam, you make arrangements to take a similar exam at an earlier time. What is the policy on cheating and plagiarism? Cheating of any sort will result in a failing grade. SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY: What is social psychology? Scientific study of how we think about, influence, and relate to one another. Define Conformity and describe experiment that explored it- *Adjust out behaviors or thinking to coincide with a group. Is a subconscious action. Asch (1956) : had subject come into room with confederates already there, first two trials there were no disagreements, third trial everyone agreed it was the wrong line, 33% of subjects agreed with the group even though they knew the group was wrong. Describe and contrast two reasons for conforming: Normative social influence : sensitive to social norms because the price we pay for being different may be severe. Informational social influence: accepting other’s opinions about reality. Define Obedience and describe experiment that explored it- *degree in which one complies with commands. Milgram (1965): Teacher and Learner-shock learner if wrong, every time wrong increase voltage. No one was shocked. 66% of people would shock
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until the person was dead. People do as they are told even if they know it is wrong. Define Power of Roles and describe experiment that explored it- *Set of expectations about a social position defining how those in the position ought the behave. Zimbardo (1970s): Prisoners and Guards. Men randomly assigned roles to play. Participants began to “become” their assigned role even though they knew it was just a test. An example of power over individuals. *The Zimbardo study displays how the Abu Ghraib prison atrocities could have happened without the men realizing how horrible they were treating the prisoners and to what levels the violence had escalated to. The BECAME their roles. Social Facilitation- improved performance in the presence of others. *Cockroach study- Robert Zajonc- occurs when task is mastered and well-learned not when a task is new and we are not confident. What is the Arousal Curve? How is it related to social facilitation? How is it affected
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study guide - Exam 1 Study Guide: INDV 101 QUESTIONS FROM...

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