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Chapter 15 notes - Chapter 15 notes Entry points...

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Chapter 15 notes Entry points : conjunctiva (eye), respiratory, gastrointestinal (food, water, fingers), genitourinary, hair follicles, sweat glands, inoculation through skin, bites, injections, wounds. Adherence : surface molecules on pathogen called adhesins (located on glycocalyx, pili, fimbriae, flagella) . Adhesins attach to receptors on host cells Communities of microbes can be attached to living and nonliving surfaces (teeth, catheters, stents, heart valves, contact lenses) Penetration : Bacteria use: Capsules, cell wall,enzymes HOW HOST IS DAMAGED 1. using host’s nutrients iron is required in most pathogenic bacteria. However, iron is bound to proteins. Bacteria carry siderophores that are released from medium and take iron away from proteins 2. direct damage causing rupture of cells 3. by producing toxins (exotoxins, endotoxins, neurotoxins, cytotoxins) toxins can produce fever, cardio, shock, diarrhea, destroy blood vessels/cells, disrupt nervous system Exotoxins : cause symptoms in minute amounts, they are proteins produced as part of metabolism and secreted by bacterium into surrounding medium or released after lysis. The toxins cause destruction of host cell parts or can inhibit metabolic reactions. We can produce antibodies to toxins. 1. A-B exotoxins (A is the enzyme component, B is the binding component) ex diphtheria toxin 2.Membrane disrupting toxins form channels in cell membrane or disrupt phospholipids layer Ex staph and strep toxins 3.Superantigens exotoxins
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Chapter 15 notes - Chapter 15 notes Entry points...

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