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HW3 - HW3 PHYSICS 127A 2010 Additional Exercises are at end...

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V(t) 2k 2k V out (t) 1uF 10v HW3, PHYSICS 127A 2010 4. The AC-coupling” circuit on the right will be used in the next few weeks for transistors. (a) Is this a high-pass or low-pass filter? (b) What is the frequency response and -3 dB frequency (c) Plot Vout(t) for an input V(t) given by a 1 volt (peak to peak) sine wave at 1 Hz and 1 MHz, and a 1 volt step edge as defined in problem 1. (Hint: Besides using the Thevanin equivalent circuit for the resistors, look up the concept of “blocking capacitor” on page 59 of your lab book). 3. HH Ad. Ex. Ch. 1, pblm. (6). (RC bandpass filter). Here you chain two separate RC filters, one LP and one HP. Choose a higher resistance of the 2nd filter so as to not load the first filter (see page 50 of the lab
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