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Unformatted text preview: T R O Y U N I V E R S I T Y M A S T E R S Y L L A B U S S O R R E L L C O L L E G E O F B U S I N E S S ACT 2292 Principles of Accounting II Prerequisites ACT 2291. Description Modern financial and managerial accounting theory and practices applied to business entities. Prerequisite: ACT 2291. Objectives This is the second course in a series which discusses introduction to the use, preparation, and interpretation of accounting information found in financial and operating statements. The purpose is to establish an understanding of how accounting relates to and reports on business activities from a financial and managerial accounting perspective. After successfully completing the course students should be able to: 1. Account for long-term liabilities and equity 2. Record income taxes, unusual income items, and investments in stocks (optional) 3. Analyze and evaluate the income statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows 4. Apply managerial accounting concepts and principles, including job order and process costing systems, cost behavior, and cost-volume-profit relationships 5. Prepare and analyze budgets 6. Evaluate performance using variances from standard cost Purpose To enhance understanding of how basic financial transactions are recorded and analyzed and how accounting information is used in planning and control. This class is a core requirement for all undergraduate business programs. Approved Texts Warren, C. S., Reeve, J. M., & Duchac, J. E. Accounting (current edition). Mason, OH: Thomson/South-Western Master Syllabi are developed by the senior faculty in each business discipline. This Master Syllabus must be used as the basis for developing the instructor syllabus for this course, which must also comply with the content specifications outlined in the Troy University Faculty Handbook . The objectives included on this Master Syllabus must be included among the objectives on the instructors syllabus, which may expand upon the same as the instructor sees fit. The statement of purpose seeks to position the course properly within the curriculum and should be consulted by faculty as a source of advisement guidance. Specific choice of text and other details are further subject to Program Coordinator guidance. 1 August 2005 Master Syllabus: ACT 2292 2 Formative Assessment Students will be required to take a formative assessment as the comprehensive final exam in ACT2292. The exam requires a live proctor and use of the Respondus LockDown Browser. Calculators are allowed. Notes, books, etc. are not allowed. Blank paper may be used for calculations this paper must be turned into the proctor at completion. The exam will be 2 hours in length and must be completed in one attempt. The time limit is 120 minutes. If a student exceeds that grace period, 1 point penalty per minute will be assessed. The exam will be 80 questions and contain a mix of conceptual questions and problems....
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This note was uploaded on 10/20/2010 for the course E 2292 taught by Professor Linh during the Spring '10 term at Troy.

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ACT_2292 - T R O Y U N I V E R S I T Y M A S T E R S Y L L...

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