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assign2 - grid on g fprintf Volume(L Height(m\n\n for V = 0...

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L1 = 2; D1 = 1; L2 = 3; D2 = 2; L figure (1); f f = @(h) computeV (D1, L1, D2, L2, h); fplot (f, [0 D2]); f xlabel ('Water height (m)'); ylabel ('Water volume (litres)'); title ('Volume vs Height');
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Unformatted text preview: grid on; g fprintf (' Volume (L) Height (m)\n---------------------------\n'); for V = 0: 1000: 10000 fprintf ('%10.0f%13.3f\n', V, computeH (D1, L1, D2, L2, V)); end e...
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