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Unformatted text preview: Early Baroque Vocal Music Opera o Definition Literally means work A dramatic work in which the actors sing some or all of their parts Usually makes use of elaborate stage sets and costumes o Emerged in the northern Italian cities of Florence, Mantua and Venice First promoted by a group of humanist thinkers called the Florentine Camerata An attempt to recreate the style of ancient Greek drama o Terminology(p ) Librettov • The text • Usually based on a story drawn from history and mythology of ancient Greece and Rome Stile Rappresentativo • Literally means the representationalpp p p style • An expressive and flexible style of solo singing for the stage • Allowed the singer to move imperceptible from one mood to another • Soon transformed into two different and contrasting vocal styles the recitative m and ariap Recitative • Expresses the drama’s action • From the Italian word for “something recited” • Musically heightened speech • Attempts to mirror natural oral delivery •...
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