September 21(改)

September 21(改)

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o Double Bass Largest of the orchestral string instruments Adds weight and power to the bass line Performer stands next to the instrument o Harp A common folk instrument throughout the world Sometimes added to the orchestral ensemble Glissando: a rapid run up or down the strings o Special effects Vibratoa A controlled wobble in the pitch produced by shaking the hand that holds down the string Adds richness to the tone o Pizzicato – finger – plucking o Tremolo o A musical tremor Made by rapidly Repeating the same pitch with quick movements of the bow Musical effect Tension and excitement when played loudly Shimmering quality when played softly o Trill A rapid alteration between two neighboring pitches Most instruments can play trills o Mute
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A device places on the strings that dampens the tone An object can also be placed on the end of brass instruments for the same purpose Woodwinds a Sound produced by a column of air
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September 21(改)

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