September 28(改)

September 28(改)

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Medieval 400-1475 A.D o In-between classic roman culture and the Renaissance Church was everything o Roman Catholic(0 ) o It was the “state” Religion Taxed people Was the government Influenced all art and music Very few people could read – even some priests couldn’t read All about the classification 0 o Trivium03 0 Grammar Rhetoric Classical writers o Shakespeare, etc Logic o Quadrivium04 0 Arithmetic Geometry Astronomy Music “Music of the Spheres” “Musica Instrumentalis
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“Musica Mundana” Musica Instrumentalise e e e o Meliconjunct - QUIZ Conjunct melody Melody moves step-wise Range is narrow 0 Rhythm either very free or very organized o Rhythmic modes o Music larger monophonic
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Unformatted text preview: Gregorian chant 0 0 0 Sacred Towards the end of the era more secular music and polyphony evolved0 Mostly consonance 0 Some dissonance o At the beginning and the very end of phrases Instrumental colour Vocal music is principal o Instrumental was improvised not written music o Gregorian Chant Named for Pope Gregory Replaced every sacred piece that existed before Unaccompanied vocal music Text is sacred and in Latin Uses a unique measure Sung in unison Alternation of cantor and choir Cantor sings one line a text Choir sing above Called antiphonal psalmody...
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September 28(改)

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